Monday, March 05, 2007

We're going to be recording two new projects!

Our loyal fans will be glad to know that we are finally gearing up, for real, to record two new projects. We met with Craig Markley at Lone Raven Studios on March 1st to do a rehearsal so that he could get a feel for the group dynamics. Craig has a very nice set-up and it will work very well for us. We'll lay down the rhythm and primary melody tracks first using a click track. Then the rest of the group will go up and record their parts.

Our first project will be a band CD called, "The Pilgrim's Road." This is a tune I composed as part of a set. More details to come as we finalize the arrangement, but we're very excited about this one. . . This project will have five or six song arrangements, some original tune compositions, and a smattering of old favorites.

The second project is an O'Carolan CD - more of a chamber music approach to Irish music. I'm still working on the set list and title for this, but I hope to have it ready in time for Dublin Irish Festival.

Steve and Craig. Steve is prepping his alto flute for his digeree-flute sound effect. That probably won't make the cut on the CD, but who knows?

Mary singing, "Paddy's Green Shamrock Shores."

Mary, Stuart, and Craig Markley.


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