Saturday, February 24, 2007

Aisling rehearsal at Craig's house

Craig hosted a lovely dinner and rehearsal for the band this past Thursday. We've decided to keep Craig - he is a gourmet chef. Ok, his guitar playing is pretty good, too, but we REALLY like his cooking!

Craig also served some nice Australian wines. He's uncorking a red here.

Shall I pour? Mary says, "yes, please."

Mary has a cool friend there.

"Would you share that cool collar? It might go well with my outfit."

Say hello to Carol Smith. She's going to be playing with us for the St. Patrick's concerts. Stuart is leaving for China on March 13th and so he's going to be missing all of our favorite March gigs. Carol has been sitting in with us at rehearsals over the past month. She's picked up the repertoire pretty well and will be a good sub for Stuart. She's better looking than him, too. . .

Craig served us a wonderful black bean chowder. It was a recipe he found in a wine magazine, I think.


After dinner we moved into the living room to do our rehearsal. My hammer dulcimer will have to serve as my proxy since I was taking all of the photos. Carol, Mary, Stuart and Craig (l to r).

Mary, Stuart, Craig (l to r).

Steve on flute.


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